Some Interesting Hair Transplant Facts That You Need to Know


Hair restoration has long been one of the most interesting procedures that any person will ever know. If you are looking forward to learning more about the more modern approach to hair transplants such as stem cell hair restoration, then this short article will give you some interesting facts about hair transplants that have led them to become the kind of procedure that they are today.

Hair Transplant Institute originated during the years 1939 and 1942 in Japan where Tamura and Okuda learned that hair that is transplanted from the back portion of the head will be able to recreate new hairs and would grow and survive. This was interesting discovery but only has become popular in the 1950s when Norman Orentreich, a New York dermatologist, decided to move the hair from the back of the head of the person to the front of their head to grow and thrive. He referred to this process as donor dominance wherein the hairs that are moved from the back portion of the head will retain some characteristics of not being lost over time when they will be planted on the front portion of the head of the person or any part of their body that is susceptible to losing hair or getting bald. This is where the many breakthroughs of hair transplants have come from.

Now, what remains as a challenge among the process of hair transplants is determining which parts of the human body are safe for getting some hair transplants. This means that you need to determine which parts of the person will not have to lose some more hair when the time comes that they will have to grow old. This is one of the major reasons why doing some hair transplants at to a person who is only 20 years old could result in more problems for them.

Such a judgment will then tell you which hair transplant surgeons you can rely on and which ones are still new and someone that you do not easily trust regarding your hair transplant concerns. Always bear in mind that a safe hair transplant process is one wherein the professional will know who is and who is not safe for getting such hair transplant services from. Choose the most experienced hair transplant surgeon for this process and there is no doubt that they will make sure to use their grafts wisely and distribute them in the right pattern and angulation so that only the best results are obtained that will have your hair looking denser and more natural. Read more about hairs at